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You can now review the County Park's Assessment and the recommendations. 


The assessment occurred in 2019 and early 2020.  We mapped and assessed the following elements
in all of the parks:

  • Major Trails

  • Major Facilities: buildings and park amenities like fields, ball courts, playgrounds, dog areas, etc

  • Central Visitor areas - amenities such as signage, picnic areas, bathrooms, benches, parking, etc


We analyzed:

  • General condition and function of each element

  • General assessment of accessibility

  • Natural features and potential concerns such as erosion

  • Opportunities for enhancements 

Continued work will happen in 2021. Stay tuned!

County Parks Assessment

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About The Project

The County of Mendocino has a rich tapestry of outdoor experiences for residents and visitors - from the rugged coastline to the verdant inland valleys. The County oversees a relatively small portion of the overall parkland in the County, but provides important services, access, and amenities to the residents and visitors alike. The Needs Assessment process has the opportunity to fully characterize the potential for these parks, and create strategies to improve the value, visibility, and availability of these important assets. Perhaps the most important result will be a Capital Improvement Project with clear priorities and feasible operational enhancements. The County has contracted with BluePoint Planning and Gates + Associates to help the County use the parks and develop information to guide ongoing improvements and decisions. 

Our County Parks

Parks (from north to south):

  • Lions Club Park, Redwood Valley

  • Low Gap Park and Dog Park, Ukiah

  • Mill Creek Park, Talmage

  • Indian Creek County Park and Campground, Philo
  • Faulkner Park, Boonville

  • Bower Park, Gualala





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